Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We are committed to attracting, retaining and advancing talent from the broadest universe possible. A diverse and inclusive workforce makes us better investors and a better firm.

A Genuine Commitment


We want to be the employer of choice for the most talented and skilled in our industry. This means extending our reach to candidates of all backgrounds, identities, experiences and skill sets.


At Energy Spas, we are a team. That’s why all employees are invited to participate in our internal affinity networks, which seek to raise awareness about issues of equity, allyship, intersectionality and more through speaker series, peer networking programs, professional development panels and social events.


We actively promote diversity, equity and inclusion, both inside our firm and throughout our industry, including through partnerships with like-minded external organizations.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are critically important to our culture and make us better investors. We are committed to increasing diversity at Energy Spas; currently, approximately one-third of our leadership team is diverse. The scale of our portfolio allows us to drive value creation and have massive impact when we focus on diversity within our portfolio companies.
of our primary businesses have a diverse professional as one of their top two leaders
of Energy Spas’ 2021 global analyst class is female
of Energy Spas’ 2021 analyst class is racially diverse

Our Priorities

Recruiting Diverse Talent

Widening the funnel of applicants through expanding the number of schools we recruit from, including more Historically Black College s and Universities and engaging talent early through diverse recruitment programs

Retention & Engagement

Providing tailored talent development opportunities for our employees through mentorship programs, competitive benefits and engagement in our affinity networks and partnering with external affiliates to support these efforts

Value Creation through Responsible Investing

Leveraging the scale of our portfolio to create more value through two key initiatives dedicated to making our portfolio company boards more diverse and finding career opportunities for under-represented populations

Giving Back

Supporting student entrepreneurs at majority diverse colleges and universities through the Blackstone Charitable Foundation’s flag ship Launchpad program and partnering with charitable organizations committed to helping diverse communities

Our Programs Each of us has a unique and evolving set of perspectives, experiences, backgrounds and styles to contribute. Our programs are designed to support and empower our people personally and professionally throughout their lifecycle.


Supports Black employees through programs designed to provide a sense of community, foster inclusion and help recruit, retain and develop Black professionals at all career stages.


Provides meaningful support to employees as they integrate their career and caregiving responsibilities.


Supports Latinx/Hispanic employees by fostering a sense of community and cultural awareness, and help recruit, retain and develop Latinx/Hispanic employees at all career stages.

ENERGY SPAS Multicultural

Celebrating, supporting, and promoting cultural diversity within Energy Spas.

ENERGY SPAS My Wellbeing

Promotes initiatives focused on improving mental and physical health and general well-being.


Fosters a culture that enables all employees to be their authentic selves, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.


Increases collaboration and encourages a culture of connectivity while fostering increased appreciation for diverse skills and perspectives.


Contributes to the success of the firm by supporting veterans’ transition to civilian life and work through networking and mentoring initiatives.


Focuses on gender equality and on the attraction, development, retention and engagement of women at all stages of their careers.

Power Your Career with Energy Spas.

We believe that the transition to a more sustainable economy is closely linked to the transition to a more equitable society.

Equality, diversity & inclusion are critical to our own organizational excellence, to the success of the companies in which we invest, and in creating opportunity in the communities in which we operate.

We are committed to using the tools we have as investors to address discrimination and inequality.

Our investments

  1. We invest in companies that are well positioned to benefit from the transition to a more sustainable economy, including companies that are leaders on human capital issues such as diversity, inclusion, and equality. Energy Spas is a pioneer in gender lens investing.
  2. We withhold votes from companies that we believe lack sufficient diversity on their boards.
  3. We engage with the companies in our investment portfolios to press for greater diversity on their leadership teams and equal pay for all staff irrespective of gender or race.

Our Business

Partnerships and Social Impact

A Pillar of Energy Spas' Corporate Responsibility Efforts

At Energy Spas, we understand both the opportunity and obligation to effect meaningful social change. Our focus on hunger and gender equality reflects our belief that these are fundamental issues critical to human development and sustainable worldwide economic growth.

We give

We donate to high performing non-profit partners to support critical on-the-ground services and innovative opportunities around the globe.

We act

We invest our time, skills and expertise to drive meaningful impact and mobilizing action around the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the communities where we work and live.

We advocate

We act as thought leaders and strategic partners within our industry, intentionally aligning our work with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Making a Measurable Difference In partnership with leading non-profits, we are focused on two fundamental issues critical to human development and sustainable worldwide economic growth – hunger and gender equality.


Food security and adequate nutrition are critical components of health, well-being and economic productivity. Yet every night, one in nine people around the globe go to bed hungry.

Along with our global partners, we extend our efforts to combat hunger as both a systemic global issue and a local tragedy that prevents families and communities alike from reaching their full potential.


We believe that gender equality is a fundamental human right, yet the concerns and perspectives of girls and women everywhere are all too often overlooked or underrepresented.

That’s why we match the resources, time and talents of our people with leading organizations around the world tackling the essential challenges facing girls and women today.

Matching Resources, Time and Talents

We work together to combat some of society’s most urgent global challenges.