Collective Responsibility

Sustainable investing is woven into our fabric.

At Energy Spas, sustainability insights are incorporated into various aspects of our investment decision making and client solutions

ESG Is Integrated Across Key Functions

We believe that to service our clients for the next century and beyond, we need to contribute to solving the generational challenges we all face. So, we have embedded sustainability considerations into the key aspects of our governance process, our research, portfolio management, risk, compliance, technology, and client-facing functions.

We seek to achieve this through the thoughtful consideration of sustainability issues across teams and investment platforms. We see this as an essential part of any long-term investment process. Historically, sustainability issues were largely off-market in nature, but have over time become increasingly linked with financial performance.

“Our governance framework ensures that we take a holistic approach – from fundamental research to risk management, from data and analytics to reporting and product solutions”

Companies and sovereign issuers that operate sustainably, with a keen recognition of how their activities intersect with the environment and society, are likely to represent more attractive long-term investment opportunities. Those that do not, risk structural decline.