Impactful Ownership

Realizing the full Potential of our role as stewards of capital

As active investment managers, engagement with the companies and bond issuers in client portfolios is part of our fiduciary duty and central to our investment process. We are committed to fully exercising our role as stewards of our clients’ capital.

Guided by Clear Principles

Our Global Governance Principles provide a framework for stewardship, clearly setting out our expectations of company management. They are founded on the belief that long-term shareholder value is enhanced through a more comprehensive assessment of stakeholder management.

This includes both how a company invests in its human capital – including employees, suppliers, customers, and the community – as well as its approach to natural capital, including its dependency and use of natural resources and its approach to managing climate change risk.

Our regular dialogue with companies and sovereigns means we are well positioned to advance sustainability imperatives via purposeful engagements, outcome-oriented proxy voting, and asset allocation. As active managers we are able to fully incorporate the insights from our stewardship activities into investment decisions, further enhancing long-term value for clients and beneficiaries.