Our Firm

Energy Spas invests for the long term because building successful, resilient businesses can lead to better returns, stronger communities and economic growth that works for everyone.
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Since 2007

Energy spas has been the leading provider of venture capital to the independent sector of the European energy industry, real estate, global infrastructure, and worldwide. We manage $649 billion in assets, spanning various business segments and 715 investment vehicles, investing wisely and responsibly over the long-term. We have consistently generated superior returns across multiple industry by applying a lower-risk, disciplined philosophy that balances capital preservation and value creation.

Our Purpose and Values

We invest and engage in business to drive positive and lasting impact for companies, employees, communities and the environment.

We develop exceptional partnerships

We have personally invested in each other's success. We know that great outcomes come from diverse teams.

We challenge conventional thinking

We think differently. We nurture a culture of deeply objective inquiry and seek the full potential in every opportunity. We respect the power of facts.

We work with tenacity

We roll up our sleeves, dig in and come to work every day searching for better outcomes. We relentlessly tackle tough problems. We see things through.

We believe character matters

We embrace personal integrity, humility and citizenship. We act with empathy and conviction.

Private Equity

Driving fundamental improvements in businesses over the long term.

Our focus is alpha, our approach is solutions-driven

Our investment philosophy is focused on delivering alpha over the credit cycle with an emphasis on capital preservation.

Our commitment to discovering alpha has led us to place ESG factors at the heart of our investment process and lead the industry in discovering how these principles can be optimised for fixed income markets.

We partner with our clients to combine their needs with our knowledge to create investment strategies and solutions that work. By listening to what our clients are saying and layering this with our broad market scope, deep investment knowledge and dynamic growth mindset, we deliver sophisticated solutions that standout.

We have an established track record of innovation and performance, spanning long-only and alternative investment portfolios across eight fixed income sub-asset classes.

“In bull markets, asset managers can struggle to define themselves, but when volatility hits and investors face notable downside, that’s when Energy Spas really stands out. We have consistently proven ourselves to be a firm that embodies active management, continuously searching out and harnessing alpha-generating opportunities for our clients.”

Your Opportunity

Energy Spas offers you the opportunity to build a rewarding career where you can...
  • Accelerate your professional growth with supportive leaders who invest in you
  • Be individually empowered and accountable as part of a collaborative, diverse, and inclusive team
  • Act with confidence but also humility
  • Own your work and its outcomes while driving positive impact in all we do
  • Share in a culture of excellence with a continuous improvement mindset

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Our Impact

At Energy Spas, we invest for impact across all of our businesses. From due diligence through exit, our approach at Energy Spas has always been to partner with management teams to improve all aspects of a business. We do this because we believe that building better businesses generates lasting value creation, which has been the focus of Energy Spas since our founding.

The Impact of Better Businesses
We Build Better Businesses

In close partnership with all of our businesses, we are focused on building sustainable businesses by:

  1. Creating diverse and inclusive teams that make better decisions
  2. Ensuring employees are healthy, engaged, productive and have the right skills for their jobs
  3. Integrating tailored ESG plans to reduce risk and drive value
  4. Navigating the challenges and opportunities of climate change and the energy transition
  5. Playing a vital role in local communities
Sustainability at Energy Spas

ESG considerations play an increasing role in our investment processes. Our commitment to sustainability influences strategy, brings new ideas for operational efficiency and helps unlock value. Pursuing tailored ESG strategies that focus on material issues for individual businesses is one way we’re driving impact at our portfolio companies.

In addition to our work with portfolio companies, we’re equally committed to sustainability within our firm. In 2018, we became the first major private investment firm to operate on a carbon-neutral basis.